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What is International Law?

International Law is the body of Law that governs the movement of goods and people which controls the interaction between sovereign nations and commonwealths.

Who participates?

We are all participants of this movement whether we know it or not. We participate when we go to any given United States retailer and buy a Japanese computer or a German automobile. Although as individual we are not directly engaged in international trade we are the driving force behind it. At some point an entity in the United States ordered these goods from abroad.

Why is this important?

This is important because as technology advances the World inadvertently becomes smaller. It is much easier now to enter into markets that your company would generally ignore. Ignoring a growing demand in goods in other nations is no longer and option. It is secure, thoughtful, and innovative planning that will make International Law work to your advantage.

Would my mid size company benefit?

It depends on whether or not the American market seems to be saturated with your product. If it is, it would benefit you to contact an International Law Attorney or a consulting firm to inquire on possible international opportunities.

Will I have to move my opperation abroad?

Generally it is only large manufacturing companies that move abroad. However, if your company needs to have an agent in that country there are several ways of establishing relationships in other countries. It might benefit your company to establish a distribution partner or establish a subsidiary.

How do I secure payment from order placed abroad?

Once again, it depends on the amount of money in controversy. If the contract is for a substantial amount you would generally ask for a letter of credit to secure payment. If the amount is nominal you would generally ask for a higher deposit and request full payment upon shipping and the buyer would be responsible for collecting the merchandise from your place of business.

Why do I need an attorney for this?

Having an attorney during your early exploration of international markets is crucial, your attorney will advise your company on what law to apply if your contract goes sour or if you should arbitrate the matter instead of having to litigate the matter in a foreign country.