International Law

We will begin by saying that the name “International Law” is not the most appropriate, since by mentioning it we are referring to a body of treaties, norms, and regulations. It is not exactly a code of laws approved by the government of one or several countries.

Indeed, one of the most important reasons why we say that this name is not appropriate is the lack of a formally structured and internationally recognized judicial system.

There are two categories of international laws: private and public. Private laws deal with disputes between companies and people from different countries, while public laws deal with relations between nations or people from different countries.

As we mentioned earlier, public international laws are those that provide a legal framework in circumstances in which two (or more) countries are involved in a dispute. In general, and because these are nation-versus-nation disputes, sanctions as a consequence of the violation of certain laws are usually implemented by other countries, through, for example, the cancellation of some types of trade or the cancellation of agreements between nations.

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